I give thanks to the Ascended Master Mikao Usui, personal thanks to Masters Dori & Martha Patriche of Reiki-Do for their attunements and teachings and this  lineage.  A special thanks to my husband Bob for his unwaverying support. Additional thanks to Master Art Mason of The Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Inst., as well as Gina, John, Brad and AnneMarie for listening with open minds and supporting with their kind words.

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Reiki Release 
      Energy healing that restores 
       to the mind, body & spirit

Welcome to the Reiki Release website, I hope that the information provided here answers some of the questions that you may have about Reiki healing.
                          Healing yourself is connected with healing others.
                                                       -- Yoko Ono
Styles of Reiki

                Usui Reiki
                Karuna Reiki
                Karmic Reiki
                Imara Reiki
               Gendai Reiki Ho
               Usui Teate Reiki
               Tibetan Reiki

               Kundalini Reiki
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