Lisa Reiki Master Practitioner
with Reiki Release

Reiki and Lisa

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Windsor and is a Master Practitioner of Usui Reiki.  She has been studying and practicing Reiki for the past 3 years in the Windsor/Essex County area of Southern Ontario. 

Lisa found Reiki while looking for a healthy way to cope with daily stressors that were negatively impacting her life.  She tried various options but has found that none of them works for her as well as Reiki does.  Through the practice of  and the receiving of Reiki Lisa has found balance has been returned to her body, mind and spirit.  

Continuing with Reiki is not a question of should or shouldn't, Lisa knows that Reiki helps create wellness in her.  Lisa looks to assist those who have a desire to facilitate their own wellness. 

If you would like to receive a Reiki healing at Reiki Release with Lisa you can contact her at

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Example of Reiki radiating
from a Practitioner's hand
The Reiki Principles

The Five Principles:  Just for Today 
                             - I will not anger 
                             - I will not worry
                             - I will work hard
                             - I will be grateful
                             - I will be kind to all things                        
Reiki Release 
      Energy healing that restores 
       to the mind, body & spirit

Welcome to the Reiki Release website, I hope that the information provided here answers some of the questions that you may have about Reiki healing.
                                To heal from the inside out is the key.
                                            -- Wynonna Judd
The Experience of Energy

- coolness or warmth/heat at the site of hand placement
- tingling at the site of hand placement or in other areas of the body
- some parts of the body may feel lighter or even weightless
- waves of mild energy may be felt moving the length of the body
- a feeling of complete relaxation
- a sense of peace within
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