Example hand positions  
 Auras of two people merged
 Auras can be described as a luminous energy
field that surrounds and penatrates the human
body. The Aura is divided into several layers or
bodies that flow through each other.

 Chakras indicated by different colours
There are 7 major Chakras running  from
the top of the head to the base of the spine.
Chakras draw energy into the body.
Each of the chakras is associated with an
endocrine gland which controls an area of
the body and nerve bundle.

What a Reiki Session is Like

At Reiki Release, the Recipient of the Reiki session is asked for a sort medical history, why they are seeking Reiki and are also asked to sign a release statement indicating their understanding of the session process.  Sessions are given in a private room with ambient lighting and music, if acceptable to the Recipient incense is burned.  The Recipient receives Reiki while lying fully clothed on a sheeted massaged table.  (It should be noted that Reiki can be given anywhere at any time and can also be given in a seated position.) The Practitioner will take some time to center herself before she begins channelling Reiki energy to the Recipient.  The Practitioner may decide to use traditional hand placements or decide on a more intuitive approach during the session.  Hand placements change position on the body every 2-5 mins  covering major and minor Chakras.   The course of a session will last anywhere from 45 to 90 mins  in length working along the Recipients' body from the head down to the feet.  Near the end of a session the Aura of the Recipient is smoothed by sweeping the hands inches above the body from head to foot, this helps to clear the Aura of any debris.  After the aura has been smoothed the Recipient is left alone to return to full awareness of  themselves and their surroundings.  Occasionally light headedness occurs after a session, this goes away within a few minutes.  When the Recipient is ready there is a brief discussion about what was felt during the session and what their current state is.

Reiki Release 
      Energy healing that restores 
       to the mind, body & spirit

Welcome to the Reiki Release website, I hope that the information provided here answers some of the questions that you may have about Reiki healing.

How Reiki Works

Reiki is not guided by the Practitioner or the Recipient, it knows where it is needed and goes there.  The area or areas of need are places in the mind or body where the energy is restricted or blocked.  Restrictions and blocks  that affect the body and mind are caused by negative thoughts, feelings and physical injury.   Reiki energy breaks these up and allows a healthy flow of energy to return.    This return of  healthy energy flow restores balance to the Recipient turning dis-ease into health. 

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