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Reiki Release 
      Energy healing that restores 
       to the mind, body & spirit

Welcome to the Reiki Release website, I hope that the information provided here answers some of the questions that you may have about Reiki healing.

Why Reiki Is For You

If you suffer from any one of the following issues:
- stress
- anxiety
- acute pain from injury
- chronic pain
- headaches/migraines
- fatigue
- insomnia
- moodiness
- negative behavioural patterns
- side effects from chemo or radiation therapy


Healing Benefits From Reiki

- increases vitality
- creates deep relaxation 
- assists the body in releasing tension      
- reduces blood pressure
- helps reduce pain from acute injuries
- helps reduce symptoms of chronic pain
- reduces headache and migraines occurance
- eliminates insomnia
- aides in the breaking of addictions
- accelerates the body's ability to heal itself
- removes energy blocks normalizing energy flow to the endocrine system

- balances levels in the physical, emotional and mental body
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